What are antioxidants? Why do we need them?

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are compounds which inhibit oxidation in the body or in foods. Oxidation is a chemical process which involves the transfer of electrons or hydrogen producing harmful free radicals in the body.

External factors such as cigarette smoke, air pollution and excessive alcohol consumption can all lead to production of free radicals and are therefore harmful to the body.  Antioxidants help to stop the damage done by free radicals and therefore may be effective in reducing risk of disease.

Why do we need them?

There is some evidence that a diet high in vitamin antioxidant containing foods may reduce the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.
Low level of antioxidants can lead to chronic diseases, and our body will produce free radicals which are unstable molecules that attacks healthy cells.
Antioxidants have anti-carcinogen, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-virus properties. By eating healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals and with these properties will boost your immune system, lower the chance of getting heart and cardiovascular diseases. It will also prevent blood clot and help to have a better blood circulation 

Where can we find antioxidants?

We can find them only in plants.

– Drinks: Red wine, cacao and the
– Grains: complete cereal, sesame, nuts
– Vegetables: onions, lentils, cabbage, eggs, corn.
– Green vegetables: broccoli, spinach, and mangold
– Fruits: kiwi, apples, cranberries, blueberries, plums, mango citrus fruit, red grapes

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